After The Error


After The Error Speaking Out
About Patient Safety To Save Lives 
(ECW Press, 2013)

A collection of true stories from across Canada, and the first book anywhere to recognize what patients affected by medical errors, their families and immediate healthcare providers have done to prevent other from enduring similar experiences. Information is also provided on medical malpractice

“At the centre of this book is the difficult truth that thousands of people die unnecessarily in the hands of our health-care systems. Yet interwoven through this book are also stories of hope and of individuals who have used their own experiences as a force for good, who have shared their stories so that others may avoid the same fate.” Sir Liam Donaldson, WHO, Envoy for Patient Safety

“A real eye-opener… uplifting tale of the strength of the survivors and their loved ones in moving forward to educate the public and push the medical world into modifying its practices to lessen the chances of repeat error.” Toronto Star

“After the Error focuses on the aspect of medical harm that begins where most accounts leave off: that unthinkable moment when a shattered family returns to an empty house and says, “What now?” In this moving book, we are drawn into the lives of dedicated Canadian activists who strive to answer that question.” Helen Haskell. Board Member, Institute for Health Improvement

“These medical misadventure stories will make you cry, but the remarkable perseverance, resilience and resourcefulness of the 16 survivors will encourage readers to become educated consumers.” Robert Sealey, author, health activist.

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