Medical Nightmares

Medical Nightmares Medical Nightmares:
The Human Face of Errors
(Chestnut, Toronto, 2001) is a collection of 33 true-life stories from across Canada.

This is Chris. He’s 18 months old. There is something awfully wrong with his head, and no one will pay any attention to me, I said as I sat my son down on the admitting counter of the emergency room of our local hospital at midnight. I am going to leave him here until you figure it out. Then I turned around and walked out.

In addition to the heart-gripping stories, this ground-breaking book tells readers what they can do to prevent being the victim of medical errors, tells them what is being done about the problem and provides recommendations on how the incidence of these preventable tragedies can be reduced.

It was a truly fantastic and educational opportunity to have you share your stories, insights and medical dilemmas with us. Recognizing your compassion and your personal touch in the lives of these people added a dimension to your work that made it a very memorable morning for me in so many ways. Thank you.– Elaine Barnes, Canadian Federation of University Women, Penticton.

Medical Nightmares: The Human Face of Errors was launched October 22, and in less than a week received coverage from The Toronto Star, The Ottawa Sun, Studio 2, CFRB and Canada AM.
– Quill & Quire October 26, 2001.

Medically and legally nontechnical (the book) is accessible to physicians and non-physicians alike but would be particularly valuable as an easily completed resource to help sensitive medical students and residents to medical error issues early in their formative years. – John Doyle, MD, Canadian Medical Association Journal. January 22, 2002 (Vol. 166, No. 2.)

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